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Headshot of Melinda Maerker.

I love to tell stories. I started telling stories with handmade books, puppet shows, whatever I could do, which continued through college, where I graduated from Columbia University, and then as a recipient of a James Michener Fellowship in Screenwriting.

Words and images always go together in my mind. So it was not surprising when I co-founded a boutique creative firm, Beyondform, with a designer partner. For over ten years, we got to work with some pretty amazing clients, large and small, product- and service-oriented. And working across industries kept things interesting and gave our clients a fresh perspective.

Now I get to do the same thing, but with an expandable team. I help position brands, develop content, often write, and mostly, direct a talented group of creative professionals.

Needless to say, I love my job and doing a great job for my clients.