Brand Positioning
Content Development
Creative Application

It all starts with a brand. An overused word, but still. It’s your story, your purpose, your personal distinction, whether you’re a small business or a big corporation.

Sometimes your brand is already established. Sometimes it’s inconsistent or needs to be refreshed. And sometimes it needs to be clearly defined right from the start.

From there, the best way to tell your story, what to focus on and the elements you need to be convincing are all part of content development—whether in a brochure, a website or an entire creative campaign.

Once the content has been determined, the next step is to write about, design, program, film or print it. But these elements do not just come together. Much like the musicians in an orchestra, no matter how talented, you still need a conductor or director to bring them together.

That’s what I do. Start with the brand, develop the content, then work with a talented team to make sure it all comes together seamlessly.